Saturday, 20 November 2010

Kathy Diamond - No Message Of Love

This really couldn't sound much more like early A Man Called Adam if it tried, but as The Apple remains one of my favourite dance music artist albums of all time, that's no bad thing…

Actually, in its Original form, No Message is if anything a little poppier and more disco-fied than that, even, with other points of reference being Things To Make And Do-era Moloko, or late-period Crazy P material. Well, you've got the idea by now, anyway. Mat Playford supplies two remixes that go a touch deeper inna Balearic kinda way, and then there's the Serafina Mix, which is a druggier, more dancefloor take.

All told, a very strong EP – as long as you can handle the pop sheen, that is. I can, certainly.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Diamond Music, which I presume is Kathy Diamond's own label? Ms Diamond is based in Brighton and has had stuff out on labels like Permanent Vacation, Eskimo and Rekids, so is something of a nu-disco diva; find out more at her MySpace.

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