Saturday, 6 November 2010

Edmund - Big Time, plus FREE mix

Have to admit to being a couple of weeks late with this one, but I couldn't let a deep houser of this quality go uncommented on. Edmund AKA Diego Villar Ibero is, as regular iDJ/TIWWD readers will be aware, one of my favourite deep house producers on the scene right now and this does nothing to alter that.

Now, admittedly, you couldn't exactly call Big Time ground-breaking or anything – it IS pretty much par-for-the-course deep house fare. But if you've got any kind of problem with straight-up deep house when it's as groovy, rollin' and funk-driven as this, then you're probably reading the wrong blog… with a Tyree Cooper-esque spoken vocal courtesy of one Sacha D'Flame, this is D'Bomb!

Out: Since Oct 18. Oops.

About: Like I said, Edmund is an old fave of this blog, but this marks something of a step up for the boy from San Sebastian, cos it comes on the venerable i! Records, home also to Todd Edwards and Kevin Yost. Here's the i! website and here's the i! entry on Discogs just in case you're in need of a quick history lesson…

Best of all, you can HEAR THIS as part of this rather excellent mix of Edmund's… which you can also download for free! (Big Time starts at 33:00 or thereabouts)

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