Sunday, 30 May 2010

Various - In The Night Vol 3

Right, I'm not going to bang on about this for ages cos it actually came out a whole eight days ago, shock horror… but I did promise the label (and you) a review, so here it is.

What is there to really to say, though? I've said on this blog before that Acryl Music is one of the best deep house labels around right now… this latest in the label comp series is merely further proof. With a talent roster that includes a list of names to make the deeper heads salivate (Onur Ozman, Fer Ferrari, label boss Da Funk, Helly Larson and Agent Matteo, whose St Germain-esque Feel My Vibe is a particular highlight) as well as a cluster of newer talent, it's a 15-track ticket to that deep and groovy dancefloor place in all our minds… the one that people who listen to Deadmau5, Crookers or Justice will (thankfully) never find. Go seek.

Out: Since 21 May, generally, and since late April on Beatport. I'll be reviewing Elvis records next.

About: Acryl Music, based in Zurich, is probably one of the most-overlooked labels in house music. No-one ever seems to talk about 'em much but they've been coming up with an endless supply of deep belters since 2004. Right that wrong by visiting their website and MySpace, whydontcha.

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