Sunday, 9 May 2010

Releases w/c May 3 - round-up

Right, sorry, I had been hoping to get more blogging done this week but, well, you know how it is. Anyway, here's a bunch more stuff that's well worthy of your time/pennies/attention…

Johan Afterglow
You-Boat EP (Cable Recordings)
Dark, techy, glitchy, groovy

Sorry I Missed The Sky EP
(Freak n' Chic)
Elastik Hour is like a Sueno Latino for 2010. Sort of.

Brian Winter
Let The Bass Kick
(Asnazzy Records)
Upbeat, big silly party breaks all the way from West Edmonton, Canada. Fire it up!

Le Jak
Out Of Order EP
(Council House Recordings)
More tweaky, tech-y bizniss, but with a slightly funkier vibe on Space Port. Only the second release on the fledgling Council House imprint.

Mayaan Nidam
Greatest Tits EP (Wolf + Lamb)
The ever on-point Wolf + Lamb deliver a very varied (as in stylistically, not quality-wise) EP with jazzy, soulful and techy grooves all snuggling up together. Proper quality deep house and a great EP title too!

Hyper Hyper EP (Hospital)
The electro-D&B of the title track doesn't do it for me so much, but b-side Set Me Free is worth checking if you woke up this particular Sunday thinking "I'd like some epic but laidback atmospheric drum & bass to fuel my next smokin' session, please"

Orienta-Rhythm feat Joi Cardwell
Happy 2010 (King Street)
An uplifting vocal house classic from Ms Cardwell gets three new mixes from Timmy Vegas

Freaks Show EP (Expressillon)
Three-tracker taking in electrohouse (meh), breaks (okay) and, on Bassline Circus, a neat line in stomach-churning, gypsy-infused dubstep (the reason it's here)

Ron Costa
Perching Bird EP (Automat-X Records)
A solid-enough tech-houser in three mixes, one for those who like it glitchy and off-kilter (ie, not me so much but I can see the appeal)

Various Artists
Bad Pony Spring Sampler (Bad Pony)
Six artists, six tracks. Post-minimal, tech-y, very now. Will be big with Europeans under 30.

Out: All of the above were fresh in your record shops and digital download stores this past seven days…

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