Monday, 10 May 2010

Birds & Souls - Birds & Souls EP

Finally for Monday's soul selection we have the Birds & Souls EP, which isn't particularly soulful at all, to be fair.

Instead, it's more of an arthouse disco thang, that will appeal to those whose idea of excitement is a four-minute salsa drums-and-cowbells break in the middle. Tee hee. What I'm actually saying is, like so many Levan, Pettibone or Moulton mixes of yore, in its Original and Birds & Beats Extended versions, this does go on a bit… but then again it's a very pleasant groove so why would you want it to stop?

The semi-sung, semi-spoken and very poetic vocal that comes in halfway through – "my soul weighs a thousand pounds/and four ounces/my soul weighs a thousand pounds/I touch the mountain, I touch the ground" – sits a little oddly but works, somehow, and what with that, and the quite random introduction of some squelchy analogue synths and a very late-arriving "souls and mountains/birds and souls" chorus, the overall effect is of a rather loveable oddity. Made by people who I suspect own a lot of Arthur Russell records, and possibly not a few by Talking Heads.

Out: This week

About: This is on Spectral Sound, which is an offshoot of Michigan-based Ghostly International. And here's some info about Birds & Souls themselves.

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