Monday, 3 May 2010

UNER - Love In The Rope

I'll make it up to UNER for not being enamoured of his remix of Pleasurekraft, by saying that I am quite taken with his own new single, Love In The Rope. Coming atcha on another Spanish label, Khazuma Future, Love In The Rope is available in three different mixes for your listening and dancing pleasure.

The original is a chuggy house number, with chanted/chorused vox quite low in the mix and a filtered, driving kinda feel that makes me think of DJ Sneak – even though this doesn't sound like a DJ Sneak record in the slightest. The Mendo Remix is a slightly deeper and considerably sparser affair, veering towards that house/techno sound of Berlin but with the emphasis far more on the house side of the equation; and then finally there's the AFFKT Remix, which starts of lolloping along like the Original, then gets considerably more discofied in a cut-up, non-cheesy kinda style (sort of like Anorak Trax updated for the ’0-10).

I think the latter's my pick but I'd happily play any of the mixes to be fair. Good work.

Out: A whole four days (ie since April 29, maths-shirkers)

About: Khazuma Future MySpace (where you can HEAR THIS TRACK). Uner MySpace. Random picture of a capybara (giant guinea pig things from South America). Take your pick.

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