Sunday, 16 May 2010

Simon Baker - The Trick

Simon Baker should be a familiar name to many, having had releases on such big-hitting labels as Playhouse, Get Physical, ViVa and Cocoon. Here though he returns to 2020Vision with a single to trail his forthcoming debut artist album.

The Trick in its original form is quite a techy-sounding affair, busy with percussion, though the Berlin-itude is balanced nicely by the use of some almost 60s-ish organ sounds and keys. The end result isn't the most hummable ditty but it'll keep 'em moving. Must say I'm preferring the Glimpse remix, though, which takes us a little deeper, de-cluttering the percussion to really let those organ sounds shine.

There's also a Tricky Beats Remix on the digital release but that just accentuates those technoid shuffling beats even further, so it's Glimpse's rub all the way for me.

Out: This week

About: For more info, visit Simon Baker's MySpace or the 2020 website.

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