Monday, 10 May 2010

Bah Samba - Don't Let Them Get You Down

Right, I'm making an effort to actually do some blogging this week as opposed to leaving it all till the weekend! So let's get the week off to a nice easy start with a couple of releases from the soulful side… it's like a warm-up set for the blog week, innit?

So first up, Bah Samba, with a reworking of a track from their Bah Samba 4 long-player. Featuring the mighty tonsils of Alice Russell, this comes in four mixes, courtesy of Phil Asher (x2), The Super-Phonics and Bah Samba Vs Favouritizm.

It's really a game of two halves, though, because Phil Asher's Inspiration Information Mix and The Super-Phonics' Classic Mix are quite similar in feel and are both characterised first and foremost by a very prominent walking bassline that's more or less a wholesale lift from… now what is it?… some old Salsoul thing, I THINK, it's gonna drive me mad now. Beyond the b-line, it's the usual Bah Samba summery, live-sounding soul-come-house fodder and will soundtrack your barbecue nicely, what more can I say?

Phil Asher's Restless Soul Dub and the Bah Samba vs Favouritzm Push! Mix, on the other hand, both dispense with the recycled disco four-string, with the BS crew and Sarah Fav opting for a deeper take on the full song while Mr Asher delivers a proper stripped-down, drums n' strings number that'll make an ideal bedding/linking tool for your more creative jocks that like to use lots of acapellas n' that.

Out: This week

About: Well, you should be familiar with Brighton-based Bah Samba by now but here's their MySpace anyway. Phil Asher is of course worshipped as a god among jazzbos and soulful housers, he runs the Restless Soul empire whose online home is here.

But interestingly, this is on neither Restless Soul nor Bah Samba's own imprint, but rather on Favouritizm, a new record label-shaped offshoot of the Favouritizm PR company run by one Sarah Foote, whose website I applaud for seemingly consisting of nothing but an email and a phone number*. Last time I saw Sazzer, she accused me of having 'gay sheets', which I thought was a bit rich given that she's never actually seen them. So she's ruddy lucky this is getting reviewed at all, frankly.

*I know that sounds rubbish but half the time when I go to a company's website that's all I'm after and can I find them? Can I bogroll.

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