Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Is that a FREE DEEPGROOVE TRACK I see before me?

Yes, it is. Those jolly good ex-Bristol eggs Grayson and Lee sent me this week and said "share it with all and sundry please, if possible". So I'm sharing it with you. It's their reversioning of Bangalter's Turbo from 1998, and it's almost certainly never coming out, so grab it while you can!

Oh yeah: you'll need the download LINK, won't you?

Out: Never/now. Or, "free to those that can afford it, very expensive to those that can't", if you like. Five ultra-rare TIWWD spotter points to anyone who can tell me what film that's from.

About: Deepgroove, eh? Haven't they done well? Course we never see 'em out in Bristol any more, they're too busy hanging out in LA with supermodels and such, but still. Here's their website.

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