Friday, 14 May 2010

I Am The Woodstar - Enter Thru The Sweetshop

A fresh four-tracker from Mr Stephen Wood here, displaying all of Star-Fi's usual healthy disregard for genre boundaries.

Lead track Banksy's Midnight Anthem is quite hard to describe: mid-paced, it's a little bit techy, a little bit proggy, a little bit trippy, with a female vocal urging us all to "get your backs off the wall". It's pleasant enough, but it really comes into its own on label partner Tim 'Lo-Fi' Stoakes Slo-Mo Remix, where it's reborn as a slo-mo (obviously) acid-Balearic throbber.

Not The End, Friend then messes around with more slightly acid-y synth pulses and a syncopated, flam-med kick pattern to create something that comes on like the perfect soundtrack to those long, weary, half-blissed/half-paranoid 7am walks home, before The Posh Dome plays us out with some mellow Leftfield/Underworld-ish electronica with an indie-type vocal.

As with much of the Star-Fi catalogue, then, this is hard to classify or pigeonhole, but worthy of your attention. And the remix of …Midnight Anthem would be my pick, if anyone's interested.

Out: This week

About: As ever, this is on the chaps' own Star-Fi Recordings - website here.

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