Monday, 3 May 2010

Soil & Pimp Sessions - 6

Crazy Jap-jazz, anyone? Well, nor me most of the time, but then there's those moments when nothing else will do. Next time YOU'RE having one such moment, you could do a lot worse than reach for 6, the cunningly-titled sixth studio album from these Gilles P faves and "punk-jazz renegades" (it says here).

Given that it IS their sixth album, I'd be surprised if you weren't even passingly aware of S&PS's particularly frenetic, far-out take on freeform jazz with a dancefloor bent. And as I'm no expert I won't pretend to go into a deep analysis as to how it differs from the others (though if you do want my considered opinion, then "not much, to be honest").

But that does means it's just as loveable in a wigged-out, jazztastic, get-yer-spats-on kinda way as all the other S&PS stuff that's gone before it… and it's got a cover of Papa's Got A Brand New Bag, as well. Oh yeah and Jamie Cullum sings on one track but let's not hold that against it.

Out: Since April 26 (don't worry, as of tomorrow we'll do some updates that aren't - shockingly – a whole week old!).

About: Unsurprisingly, this is on Mr Peterson's own Brownswood Recordings.

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