Wednesday, 12 May 2010

D'Julz - Second Hand Feet EP

I've sung the praises of D'Julz's excellent Bass Culture imprint several times on this blog, but here he takes time out to serve up a three-tracker not on Bass Culture, but rather on Josh Wink's Ovum Recordings.

The quality's as high as ever, though. The instrumental Baka Gaijin is a simple, walking groove, mostly percussive, that does just enough over its 6.15 (or thereabouts) to maintain interest and that will certainly keep 'em moving. Brace Brace is a nicely understated acid workout, this time with snippets of (various different) vocals dropping into the mix and then winging out so quick, those in altered states will be going "did I just hear that?". And finally, the title track is an ever-so-slightly more technofied jaunt, with some great classic-sounding stabs and some ace space disco noises at the end.

All told, just proper floor-fodder for the heads.

Out: This week

About: Neither D'Julz nor Ovum Recordings should need, etc, so here's the Ovum website and the D'Julz site and we're square, I reckon.

Incidentally as I type this, iTunes has rolled onto Birds & Souls (see below) again; it really is very good, y'know. Did I mention that?

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