Monday, 3 May 2010

City Soul Project - Reach Out To Me

After the Just For Fun confusion below, here's another slightly mysterious release from a new London outfit called City Soul Project.

Apparently, they've got releases lined up for the Cubism and Sure Player imprints, but this their debut is comin' atcha on Drag Music. And a very enjoyable chunk of deep-ish, soulful-ish house Reach Out For Me is too. I can't quite work out if that's ACTUALLY a sample from Funky Green Dogs or if it just sounds like it, but you get the idea… on their MySpace they cite the likes of Dubtribe Sound System, Larry Heard, Frankie Knuckles, KoT, Joeski, Onionz, Kevin Yost and DJ Sneak as influence so you know the kind of thing to expect!

Out: This week

About: I've just told you just about everything I know! But here's that MySpace I was on about. Can't seem to find a website for Drag Music…

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