Saturday, 29 May 2010

Jonny L/Logistics - Sick Music 2 sampler

Two heavy-hitters here on a sampler to push Hospital's latest compilation Sick Music 2.

I've not actually heard the album but you can't usually go wrong with Hospital, I find. That said, the Logistics track here, Warehouse (presented in Ill Skillz remix form) I can take or leave to be honest: a two-step D&B cut with bags of energy and a slight nod to jump-up/electro D&B, it's perfectly acceptable and youngsters will like it but that's about as much as you can say.

The same can't be said, though , of 1 N 2 by Jonny L, which is just ace, a proper euphoric rush of a tune (another two-stepper, albeit a less frenetic affair than Warehouse*) that you can see going down big at festivals, such is its instant/crossover appeal. Yet it's also got enough 'about it' to warrant repeat listening. A hip-wigglin' lead line, soaring anthemic synths and an (almost) MC-style vocal add up to a surefire killer.

Out: This week

About: See the Hospital website for more on the Sick Music 2 full-length.

* Hospital are calling it 'emo-funk' but I don't listen to enough D&B to be that micro-genre-ist about it

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