Monday, 24 May 2010

Case Sensitive - Cappascap EP

This is fresh from Romania and will suit those who like their house of the deep n' techy variety. Two tracks, Cappascap itself and B-side Experiment.

Of the two, Cappascap is my favourite by far, a chuggy, bassy, stripped-down deep houser pretty much 100% in-line with the kind of thing I most like to play right now. If there's a criticism, it doesn't DO loads, but then such records never do, do they? Like, it's all about the groove, man... Experiment is also all about the groove, in this case a more percussion-led groove, with the drum patterns in question having a distinctively old skool Chicago feel. I like the way the vocal snips add interest, meaning this isn't simply a tedious drum-athon, but the A is still the one for me.

Out: Friday (May 28), if you believe the hype sheet… or last Weds (May 19), according to the website. Harumph.

About: This is on All Inn Black, a new sister label from the people that brought you All Inn Records and Limited. All Inn Black will, we're told, focus on upcoming talents and "warm, tough and heavy rhythms." Find out more at the aforesaid All Inn website.

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