Monday, 3 May 2010

Filterwolf - Nocturne

I shouldn't really say much about Nocturne's Music From Tomorrow album cos that's getting reviewed in iDJ. I think it's ace, though… and I CAN tell you about the single, Nocturne instead.

This is how the hype sheet describes Filterwolf's music:

"mesmerising electronic music in which techno, house and electro meet Burial- esque vocal fragments, whilst the synths play exploding melodies."

I'm not sure I agree with that 100% (the electro influences are very subtle, if there at all, and I'm not sure just having snippets of cut-up ethnic vox renders you 'Burial-esque') but it gives you a rough idea. I'd just call this Berlin-ish house/techno with plenty of dancefloor oomph, a touch of the nu-Italo in the synths (think Bottin) and all topped off with the human voice in a pleasingly trippy, no-proper-words kinda way (the vocal on Nocturne specifically is a bit Ofra Haza-y, but it works, trust).

Remix-wise, Bodycode chops up the beat and slows it down, inna 'Detroit beatdown' kinda way; Corrugated Tunnel's rub is one for the German leather & techno clubs, or anyone who misses EBM; while Olibusta manages to fuse deep Detroit techno with a smidgeon of dubstep flava. But none of the remixes beat Filterwolf's original for me.

Out: Last week, darling, but hey.

About: Filterwolf is Munich-based Adnan Duric, and has had stuff out before on dubKULT's Living Records imprint. This though comes on Process Recordings - website here, while you can find out more about Filterwolf himself here.

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