Sunday, 16 May 2010

Fassbinder - Ask My Heart

This is the latest from Liverpool-based Etoka Logüe, and it's another good bet for those that like their house ultra-deep and dreamy.

Ask My Heart comes in four mixes, which all offer slightly different takes on the deep n' dreamy thing… that said, there's a clear winner out of the four for me, because the Original and Cadatta mixes, while pleasant enough, both feature a little techy-sounding synth motif that's just a little bit distracting, and Andy Hart's NMF Dub, while again pleasant enough, and while it does make good use of some added, disembodied toasting, brings the percussion a little too much to the fore.

WHEREAS the Deeprider Mix… now we're talking. Unnecessary clutter in the percussion is stripped to leave just a solid 4/4 pulse… the mildly irritating synth motif is gone… and in come the warmest of pads. The end result is a little bit like being in the womb. Just lovely.

Out: This week

About: Etoka Records and their various sub-labels (Etoka Logüe, Etoka Shapes and Etoka Minature) have never told me a lot about themselves… instead, they just keep sending me really, really good deep house music. HEAR THESE TRACKS by hitting up the Etoka Logue MySpace, and then I strongly suggest you also visit the main Etoka Records website to investigate further.

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