Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Strictly and Defected part company

This is yesterday's news really – in a literal sense – but Strictly Rhythm and Defected are no longer an item. Here's what yesterday's press release said (in part):

"Strictly Rhythm, the label that defined house music in the 1990s and became an inspiration for many of today’s contemporary dance artists, is once again to become a stand-alone independent label.

Strictly Rhythm will open a new London office in September. Strictly Rhythm and Defected Records will continue to work together on future projects. A new substantially upgraded website is to launch in July 2010. will provide all the latest news, upfront information on new releases, exclusive interviews, extended features and more."

The reason I'm telling you this on TIWWD – cos dance music industry news isn't normally what this blog does – is that a few years ago, when Strictly relaunched, they asked me to write a label history for the relaunch press pack and the website… which as you can imagine for any time-served househead was quite an honour. And I guess it might not be online much longer if they're having a big change-around, so if anyone's interested, click HERE to read the history of one of America's most important house music labels, as written by yours truly.

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