Saturday, 8 May 2010

Various - Baker Street Sampler Vol 2

Leeds-based Baker Street Recordings is well on the way to following in Lost My Dog's footsteps as one of the UK's top deep house imprints. This new four-track EP, showcasing some more new talents the Yorkshire sleuths have managed to unearth, won't hurt at all.

First up is Scrambled Back from Jesus Gonsev, a midtempo number with fem vocal cut-ups/stabs and some nice echo-y synths, and a little classic Jersey garage feel. Next, Michelle Owen's Strange Days takes us on more of a rollin', jazzy kinda ride, and then label owner Paul Hardy makes an appearance with Last Man Standing, which starts out stripped as you like and slowly builds into something that's about as Ibiza-friendly as deep house gets, with a decidedly retro, happy daze, blissed-out kinda feel to it. And finally Funk Mediterraneo gives us Say No, which doesn't have a rap by Zammo from Grange Hill but does have a funny little duck-call noise in amongst its infectious carnival/Latin percussion.

Out: This week

About: Right, now you see that's annoying, cos I go to the Baker Street website and it has this down as being out on April 16, whereas the hype sheet distinctly says May 3. Thus making me look like a doddering behind-the-times old granddad. Oh, no, that's my dress sense, innit?

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