Monday, 3 May 2010

Pleasurekraft - Tarantula

This is quite a hard record to describe, you'd need to hear it really… so I'm just gonna work through the mixes.

First up, the Original. This spends the first three minutes of its life convincing you it's just A.N.Other deep-ish German-style house/techno track… until in comes the main hook, which I THINK is a treated human voice, but which really sounds like nothing on earth. Except maybe aliens jamming in a Turkish souk, or something. Like I said, it's hard to describe but once you hear it you'll know what I mean, ‘earworm’ doesn't cover it! Just ace.

UNER's mix is a bit more plain techno-y; it's quite deep and it's still got that killer hook, but detracted from by those cluttered drums technoheads are so fond of. So we're left with the two housier mixes by iO and Hugo. The Ukrainian duo (that's iO) give it a little more bottom-end funk, but I think the winner for me is Hugo, who takes us into rompy, uptempo tekno-disko pastures with his till1021 Remix. Scattershot disco vox up the fun factor and when THAT hook comes in, it's game over.

I'm actually liking all the mixes except possibly UNER's quite so much, but it doesn't matter. The hype sheet calls this "a track set to take the year by storm"; it'd be nice to think they were right, cos this rocks.

Out: Since April 29

About: I know very little about this one.… but a quick trip to Disco G's tells me that Pleasurecraft are a duo by the names of Kaveh Soroush & Charles Gudagafva, and also handily provides a link to their MySpace… where I learn that a) they're from Miami and b) Fanciulli has been playing this since last summer. D'oh. Oh yeah, and you can HEAR THIS TRACK there as well!

The same Disco G's page also helpfully leads me to the MySpace for Eklektcish Records, who released this, and who it transpires are Spanish. This is only their second release, as well.

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  1. Love this tune! Can't wait to hear it being played out this summer