Monday, 17 May 2010

Lemos - Ypomoni

Only the second release from Orpheas, the label run by hotly-tipped Greek producer Lemos and his partner-in-crime Kreon. Lemos, you may remember, has had stuff out before on such favourite labels of TIWWD as Safari Electronique and Bass Culture.

Ypomoni comes in Original and Dub flavas, which differ mostly in that the Original has a nagging, jazzy sax riff throughout, and the Dub doesn't. Beyond that there's not a huge amount to say… this is just quality deep house, in that techy, post-minimal vein but with all the funk and swing that you require.

Erm, that's it really. Have a good Monday.

Out: 20 May

About: As I've just explained, this is on Orpheas Recordings. Here's their MySpace (where you can HEAR THESE TRACKS) and here's an interview with Lemos & Kreon at Ibiza Voice.

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