Thursday, 13 May 2010

Maya Jane Coles - Get Away

This has been out on Beatport for a month now, but only goes on general release this week. And those who like to keep track of such things, will notice that it's the east Londoner's third single for MN2S offshoot 1 Trax.

As usual with Ms Coles tough, tech-y house is the order of the day, though if anything this is a little gentler than previous offerings; with its disembodied male/female vocal snippets and understated (minor key, I think) keyboard riff, it's got a slight touch of prog about it, but in a good way. Andomat 3000 then turns in a remix that takes us into slightly more stripped-down territories, accentuating the rhythmic elements and dropping the keys and the male vocal elements.

Like the Micha Klang release below, it's good rather than mind-blowing, but it's definitely worth a peep!

Out: This week

About: As stated this is on 1 Trax which is part of the MN2S empire, while in other news, Ms Coles has apparently been working with Massive Attack. Now there's a thing.

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