Monday, 24 May 2010

Tomas Malo - Nobody Loves You

Not very nice sentiments those, are they? You want it to go on to say, "Nobody loves you… like I do, you big gorgeous hunk of man" or something, but no, it's an instrumental. So the message here really IS "nobody loves you".

F***ing charmin', that.

Still, it's a pretty groovy instrumental if glitter-spangled midtempo nu-disco-meets-deep house is your bag.

I'm kind of preferring the B though, No Pressure. Not only because it politely refrains from rubbing salt into the wounds of my tragic, lonely existence, but also cos it's more of a straight-up deep house kinda thang, driven by some ace organ sounds. I'm not 100% on the spoken vocal – s'okay but it's maybe a bit too much there, if you know what I mean, with very few moments of respite – but the underlying groove is strong enough to make it worth a dip regardless. That's assuming of course that you've not just, like, hanged yourself because the A-side's finally driven home what an empty futile life you really lead, or anything.

Out: Today

About: Tomas Malo used to work for The Samaritans but was asked to leave, and now makes house and nu-disco music instead. Actually that's not true. In real life his real name's Tom Gray, and he co-runs Architech Records (the label this is on) with proggy bloke Matt Playford, and this is their fourth release.

PS: You can HEAR THESE TRACKS for yourself by clicking here. And once you've listened to Nobody Loves You, you can also see if it doesn't remind you a little bit of this, only a lot slower, cos it does me. But only a little bit, like I say.

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