Monday, 3 May 2010

Relation - Optimistic

Something of a left-turn for deep house imprint Urban Torque here, as they venture into indie-electropop territory.

Which isn't the kind of thing I'd touch with a bargepole, normally. However, Optimistic isn't without its charms. The vocal reminds me of the bloke out of Hard-Fi, and also a bit of early Tears For Fears, while the beats and synths have a little of that spangly Italo feel. Of the six mixes on offer, though, I'd stick to Cassette Club or Soundexile's, if I were you...

Out: Last week (so I'm catching up, okay?)

About: Like I said, this is something of a departure for Urban Torque. Here's their website to find out more about what they normally do (and sometime soon I'll tell you about their new Matthias Vogt single, which is fab and skill and groovy). Relation, meanwhile, are two lads from Essex called Andrew Leery and Oliver Keech, in case you were wondering.

PS Don't ask me why it says 'Another Hit & Run' on the sleeve, that's just what they sent me!

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