Sunday, 18 October 2009

Various - Drumpoems Verse 2

Let's be clear from the start: this is just totally brilliant. There probably isn't a better label around in deep house right now than Drumpoet Community. Strong words, I know, but just listen to this album (their second label comp) and I think you might find you agree. Lord alone knows how they do it cos they don't rely on any 'names' – the only peeps on here I've even heard of are Soultourist and Manuel Tur – but this is just 13 tracks of sheer top-quality deepness.

Let's hope we hear a lot more from Azuni, The Lost Men, Quarion, Crowdpleaser, John Daly and the rest soon, then, cos Drumpoems Verse 2 is packed with the kind of cuts that will work equally well on your home stereo, or on any deeper house floor. Think the dancefloor bounce of the East Midlands, meets the space-y feel of the very deepest vintage New Jersey garage, meets the lush pads and jazzy flourishes of the west coast… chuck in a little leftfield quirkiness, and you're in the right ballpark. St Germain's Boulevard wouldn't be a bad comparison, either.

Drumpoet's own blurb says, "Essentially it's music with soul - but don't think vocals – it's about the depth of the electronic music, and how it moves your body and soul". Which sums it up nicely, really.

About the label: As stated, Drumpoet Community is one of my fave labels right now. There are plenty of great deep house labels doing the do in the ’09 – too many to mention – but props are definitely in order for this Compost-affiliated crew outta Zurich. Here's the MySpace.

Better yet, click here to go to the Compost site and do the following: 1. Pause to admire the Siri Svegler sleeve on the front page. She may be the most beautiful woman in the whole world. 2. Click on Mail Order, then Drumpoet Community. 3. Buy everything they've ever released. I'm serious about this, BTW. Especially the Siri Svegler bit.

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