Thursday, 29 October 2009

Marcelo Nassi - The Beginning EP

A three-track EP from Italy's Tokyo Red. Opening track Beating The Lungs is a deep techno affair, Rhythm Of House is, unsurprisingly, a housier little number with a spoken male vocal and closer The Beginning is, well, just a lovely lush, deep groove that doesn't really need categorising any more than that, I don't think.

Suffice to say this an EP that'll please DJs right across the deep house/tech house/deep techno spectrum. Can't tell you much about it: I do know Marcelo Nassi is from Brazil, if that helps? Other than that haven't got a huge amount to say about it but, y'know, it's good!

About the label: This is on Tokyo Red Recordings, the fledgling label run by DJ Sydney. They're only a few releases deep but every one has been a cracker so far, so if deep, techy house is your thang you'd do very well to look out for them. Here's their MySpace.

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