Sunday, 11 October 2009

dub KULT - I Know You Want Me EP

The label themselves describe this as "an unlikely combination of classic Chicago booty house and London dubstep, with an underpinning of Berliner minimal techno". Which is as good a way of saying 'it all sounds a bit like a slightly slower DJ Rush record' as any, I guess.

Don't get me wrong, though, I quite like DJ Rush – if I was a different sort of writer I'd use words like 'primal intensity' and 'visceral thrills' – so I quite like the three tracks here, too. Booty Snatch is the track with the most obvious dubstep influence in its use of in-your-face, parping bass; In Tune 2009 comes more directly from the juke/ghetto tech/Miami bass continuum (and was apparently first out in 1998) while I Know You Want Me, with its counterpointed droning male/pitched up female voices and techno kicks, is a more overtly 2009-sounding number infused with a pop sensibility that reminds me of Tiga (and not just cos of the title).

Erm… I should probably compare it to other dub KULT records, cos I am aware he's been around for quite a few years, but I haven't really heard/paid that much attention to most of his other stuff, TBH. Sorry. I do know he's had stuff out on Traum Schallplatten and Veryverywrongindeed, though, and here's a like to his MySpace as well.

About the label: This is on Living Records, who are a UK-based label and beyond that, again, I must confess my ignorance. If you came to this blog looking for a goldmine of cutting-edge dance music information, then with this entry what you've found instead is a barren stream with one crazed old-timer still desperately panning for nuggets that aren't there and saying things like 'varmint', 'critter' and 'dangnabbit'. Doh. What I can do though is provide links to Living's MySpace and website. Will that do?

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