Sunday, 25 October 2009

Noise Destruction - Into Space EP

Right, sorry it's been quiet on here… been up to the eyeballs in iDJ stuff. Still am, actually. But there's just time to quickly tell you about this EP which is OUT THIS WEEK on US label Headtune Recordings.

They're billing it as "diving into techno territory" but I'd beg to differ and class it as tech-house, personally. Three tracks – Z Track 05, Into Space and Tunsa, plus remixes of the first two by Christian Malloni and Audio Soul Project, respectively. And there's not a duff cut among 'em, though the standout by far for me is the original version of Into Space, which has one of these effected vocals à la Flawless, as a narrator tells us that ever since he can remember, he's dreamed of going into space. Always a bit of a sucker for those kinda treated vox. The same vocal crops up again on Malloni's remix, naturally, but I'm less convinced by the Arabic/Afro flourishes on there so will stick with the original.

The other tracks are all instrumental, but any of ’em will keep any deeper-inclined house floor moving nicely.

About the label/artists: Don't know much about Headtunes Recordings except that they're US-based, they've been around since 2005 and they've put out tracks by the likes of Pete Dafeet and Sleazy McQueen. Here's their website. Noise Destruction, meanwhile, are DJ Z and Fakir from Serbia & Montegro and have been recording under that banner since 1992. Given the rather heavy metal-ish name and the fact they've supported the Chemical Brothers, I don't know if they're usually (or used to be) a bit harder/noiser than this, but don't let you put that off cos this EP is definitely groovy, baby.

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