Wednesday, 7 October 2009

DJ Lazz & Monsieur AL feat Robina - Grand Designs

Calling this borderline cheese might even be an understatement; it's about as commercial an offering as I hope will ever grace the pages of ThisIsWhyWeDance. BUT I'm a sucker for soft, breathy female vocals of the ilk that Robina delivers here, so it's going in. So there.

There are seven mixes in total. The Original and Audio Affinity mixes do that kind of Ibiza-esque commercial/
proggy/whooshy/uplifting thing, and come with an accompanying Dub and Radio Mix. The Soulful Mix is a slightly deeper pass (but only in comparative terms, it's still pretty cheesy TBH), DJ McG & DJ Clermont Ferrand's mix has some old skool pianos and string stabs and would be my pick for peaktime play, while Kristof Tigran's Dark Room Mix could work in, well, big dark rooms.

Like I said, it's cheesy, but not without appeal on the basis of that voice and an overall dreamy, soaring, dancing-in-the-sunshine kinda feel. If you secretly quite liked Milky's Just The Way You Are you'll know what I mean. Don't fear the fromage!

Oh, and you can HEAR IT at DJ Lazz & Monsieur AL's MySpace.

About the label: Grand Designs comes atcha on Grooveland Records, a new-ish house label specialising in the more commercial end of things, run by two guys called Emil & Markus, and based just down the road from TIWWD in Cardiff. Here's their MySpace.

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