Thursday, 29 October 2009

Lewis Ryder - Space EP

By some lucky chance, this was next on my iTunes list after the Marcello Nassi EP (below)… I'd overlooked it before but it went so well when I heard it by accident just now that it had to get a plug on here.

Basically we're talking the deepest, grooviest techno here. I'm not much of a techno person, but if it was all like this, I would be, with trippy, ominous sub-aquatic basslines, crisp, metallic percussion and glacial synth sweeps the order of the day, all rumbling along at a brisk tech-house tempo. Lor', it's proper heads-down darkened basement bizniss guv'nor, and no mistake.

About the label: This is on Itch Records, which is a new-ish (this is their seventh release) UK label based in Surrey (with the lunatic fringe on top). Here's the inevitable MySpace link, then.

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