Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Hollis P Monroe & Ruoho Ruotsi - Black Rhapsody EP

A four-track EP that's been out for about a week, this is unusual because it actually credits the source for its extensive spoken word samples. So when I tell you that both the title track and I Wept For You feature spoken, black consciousness vocals from African-American historian Ed Robinson, that's not me being a massive cleverclogs or anything. That's just me repeating stuff, parrot fashion. Hell, it could not even be true, for all I know. Though it's hard to see why they'd lie about it.

Sorry, rambling. Anyway, Black Rhapsody itself, from Ruoho Ruotsi, is a kind of crazy dubbed-out excursion that's more about letting the inspirational vocal be heard, while Monroe's I Wept For You is a more floor-oriented tech houser. You also get two takes on the non-Robinson-sporting The Beautiful iZi: Monroe's original, which is the closest thing here to straight-up deep house (with that funkified feel that says 'west coast', even though ex-hiphopper and sometime Prince Rogers Nelson protege Monroe actually hails from Philadelphia, I think), and a techier refix from Ruotsi.

About the label: This is on Def'child Productions, a label that formed in Montreal in 2004, has since relocated to San Francisco, and has managed to – admirably, in these over-saturated musical days – put out just 15 singles in the intervening five years. They seem quite seriously-minded peeps – just read the 'Label Philosophy' blurb on their website. I'd cut & paste it here but it'd make the fonts go all funny and I'm not starting all that again.


  1. Amazing release! "I Wept For You" goes deep!

  2. It's great, isn't it? Thanks for commenting and making TIWWD a less lonely place, as well! :-)