Saturday, 31 October 2009

Erosie - Disco Noir

A real hotch-potch of a release that fuses elements of house, techno and, yes, disco… thankfully in a way that could appeal to lovers of any of ’em rather than alienating all three.

The Original Mix of Disco Noir starts out as fairly standard post-minimal techy, slightly proggy groove; then after a big space-y build, it unexpectedly drops a fat, fat bassline in an almost Flat Eric kinda vein. Expect dancefloor whoops! The mix and mash of old skool vocal snips and proggy stabs then carries the track to the end. The Telonius Mix is driven by another, completely different huge bassline, this time inna disco stylee, and some retro piano stabs – it's got a Sneak/Carter-esque kinda vibe to it, a feeling that's heightened by the more percussive and jackin' Vincent Thomas Vocal Dub, which could have come out on Relief/Cajual in the mid-’90s, no problem!

About: This is on Swings Records, a house-oriented offshoot of Great Stuff run by Jean Claude Ades. More info at the Great Stuff website or Swings' own MySpace.

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