Saturday, 31 October 2009

Monaque - Clocks

This comes atcha on Forensic, and you should know by now the kinda deep-meets-prog furrow that Forensic ploughs, so this won't need too much explaining. It's a two-tracker with Clocks on the A-side and Biscuit on the B: Biscuits is a nice slab of dreamaway late-night electronica, while Clocks is a bit deeper still, but also more overtly house-y and a little more textured. Both are probably best served on the sofa rather than the dancefloor, but there's nowt wrong with that.

Monaque themselves, meanwhile, are an international duo based in New York and Moscow… which is something that couldn't possibly have existed when I were a lad. Funny how things change.

About the label: Forensic, the long-running label offshoot of the Shinding crew up in Newcastle, can usually be relied on for some top-drawer material, not least because they don't seem to see a need to chuck out 17 releases a month. More power to 'em, and here's the obligatory web link, though the website doesn't seem to have been updated for over a year…

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