Thursday, 29 October 2009

Lee Foss - The Edge EP

Well, this is exciting: a four-track EP I genuinely don't know how to describe! Falling somewhere between deep house, deep techno and more abstract electronica, this is just great electronic music, I guess… do we really need to pigeonhole it?

I'm aware that's not that helpful, though. So if I'm gonna have a bash then Charmer and Things Fall Apart are dark, rumbling tech-house, Solo is a glitchy, more techno-inspired number while The Edge itself is a more sedate, late night listening kinda thing.

That said, though, none of said words quite do this justice. Here's how the label themselves describe this: "a deep ominous funk that combines bouncy percussion, rising bass lines, moody synths, and disembodied soul vocals...a sound influenced by the energy of 80s funk and disco, the harmony and passion of 90s R&B and New Jack Swing, and the dark corners of Detroit techno and Chicago house...and, as such, is unlike anything else"

That kinda works as well. Anyway, visit them online and decide for yourself.

About the label: This is on LA-based Culprit, who I don't know much about. Their last release, Kenneth James Gibson's Animals Tonight, was similarly quirky and appealing though (I reviewed it, though whether here or in iDJ I can't remember right now) . So let's all get better acquainted with 'em by visiting their MySpace and website.

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