Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Karol XVII & MB Valence - Mushroom Soup/Shameless

Not one but two releases this month from this currently very prolific Polish duo, who are definitely ones to watch at the deeper end of the house spectrum.

Both Mushroom Soup and Shameless are OUT NOW, the former on Peppermint Jam, the latter on Seamless Black Label. Mushroom Soup comes in four mixes, including the slightly proggy Mushroom Mix and the more late-night, wonkified Spiced Up With Pepper Mix, plus a slightly more mainroom-friendly rub from Rulers Of The Deep. Shameless is in a similar vein overall - to wit, post-minimal deep house with slight prog leanings – and again comes in four mixes, of which my pick would be Mark Lowry's rub, which has a slightly groovier, almost old-skool deep New Jersey feel to it.

About the labels: Seamless Black Label I've propped on here loads, suffice to say they're one of my fave labels right now, while Peppermint Jam should need no introduction, having been pushing house music in Germany since the days when the rest of their countrymen were still obsessed with jackhammer techno. Website for SBL here and MySpace for Peppermint Jam here.

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