Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Rurals - Rural Deep Vibes Vol 2

The latest in a series of 'from the vaults' EPs from Peng featuring previously unreleased Rurals material. The other three all got reviewed in iDJ but this one came in a bit late so it's on here instead.

This time out, you get three mixes of a track called Song Of A Thousand Names, plus three other tracks, Deepflow, Darksynf and Fakecake. In its Original form, SOATN starts out deep ’n' broody then goes all jazzy/swing-y; the Just Deep and Skankly Jazz mixes then basically just take the two different elements to their natural conclusions. Fakecake and Darksynf are likeable deep house grooves, though you can see why they weren't first-stringers, to be honest; Deepflow though is a fine uptempo (for deep house) number that seems to bite the first few notes of quite a famous piano riff (caveat: it may not ACTUALLY be a sample, plus I can't recall what track said riff is from right now), and also features some rather lovely vibes (as in the instrument) in the mid-section.

All in all, it's perhaps not as strong as other EPs in the series but it's worthy of investigation nonetheless, with Deepflow and the Skankly Jazz mix of Song Of A Thousand Names particularly appealing to these ears.

About the label: Devon-based Peng shouldn't need any explaining by now, but here's the website just in case. Oh and I've just learnt that the word 'peng' can also be slang for fit, attractive, sexy etc… or for good quality dr*gs. Whether the label derives its name from either of these meanings, I know not… care to enlighten us Mr Compton?

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