Saturday, 17 October 2009

Danny 'Buddah' Morales & Stephane K - Pleasure 31

Two well-known names outta NYC team up here for a killer slab of driving house action that's well suited for big room play without sounding horribly 'big room', if you know what I mean.

With its vaguely tribal drum beats, Pleasure 31 has a kinda mid-90s feel to it, but then mid-90s NYC is no bad place to be in my book! You could easily imagine Junior spinning this in his heyday: if you've been out clubbing lately, it's the one with the "all systems go" vocal refrain. Hand Grenade Pimps turn in a beefed-up remix that, with its techier slant, sounds a little more contemporary, while there's just a touch of Murk-iness about the way the bassline drives the Danny Buddah & Edgar Luna Re-Touch along.

Basically, then, it's a bit of a trip down house memory lane. But a very enjoyable one. And it's been out since Monday, so off you pop.

About the label: Mile End Records is a new-ish imprint based in, you guessed it… Montreal. Ha! They're just 12 releases old and have already put out tracks by the likes of Angel Moraes, Roy Davis Jr and Portugal's legendary DJ Vibe, so ones to keep an eye on, methinks. Here's their website.

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