Sunday, 25 October 2009

Ali King - Losing My Mind

It's all about the Marlon D & Mena Keys Club Mix here. It's a likeable enough slice of soul-infused poppy house, the sort of thing you'd really want to hear at a barbecue on a sunny afternoon, or while sat round a pool. I'm not in love with it but there are some nice synth washes which is always pleasing.

As for the rest of the mixes, which range from R&B/pop, to hip-hop (courtesy of the legendary D-Moet), to the kind of OTT 'house' (I guess), all tribal drums and OTT synth riffs, that goes down well in big American clubs where dancefloors full of muscular men dance with their shirts off… well, let's just say they're 'not for this blog' and leave it at that.

Oh yeah, and it's got Fabolous on it if that kind of thing interests you, and it's out on Nov 16.

About the label: This is on Fuego Recordings, which I was surprised to learn is a sub-label of the normally v. soulful Jellybean Recordings. Hmm.

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