Friday, 16 October 2009

Kid Massive ft Elliotte Williams - Touch Me (In The Morning)

Remember Rui Da Silva's Touch Me from 2000? So does Kid Massive. In fact, he remembers it so well he's reproduced it pretty much note-for-note here, complete with a vocal from Elliotte Williams that does a similar Xerox job on Cassandra's original warblings.

I guess there are some younger punters who may not remember the original. For the rest of us, well, this kind of 'dramatic prog with slightly over-blown female vocals' has its place… that place being in Ibiza. Hear this on a crowded Iberican terrace as the sun comes up and it might well sound like the best record in the world; right now, you're left somewhat wondering what the point is. Mix-wise you get a Vocal and Dub, plus a Carl Trick Remix which is kind of halfway between the two.

About the label: This is on Roger Sanchez's Stealth label, which shouldn't really need any introduction from me. I will observe, however, that Roger is a thoroughly nice bloke, which is why I didn't want to ignore this release. The S-Man's props credit is always good round these parts.

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