Sunday, 25 October 2009

Jacob - Gems EP

Baker Street's fourth release comes from label co-owner Jacob, and is a four-track affair ploughing the usual Baker Street deep house (or should that be deep Holmes?) furrow.

The most obviously floor-friendly cut here is Diamonds, in a mix by Moodymanc, AKA Danny Ward AKA Dubble D (2020 Soundsytem bloke, drummer extraordinaire and all-round jolly nice bloke). It's all driving percussion, dreamy synth washes and phat Chi-town b-line. The Lil' Mark remix of Late Nights Early Mornings is in a similar kind of vein, while the original of Late Nights… and, finally, French Twist are more in a driftaway, sofa-surfin' kinda vein. All told it's a pretty solid EP, though a vocal track to break things up wouldn't have gone amiss.

It's all good, though… and (big drum roll) it's OUT THIS WEEK. Hurrah.

About the label: Leeds-based Baker Street have had props here before. What I didn't mention, though (cos no-one told me) is that the BS crew have quite a pedigree. Jacob himself has had releases on esteemed labels like 3am and MFF, while partner-in-sleuthing Paul Hardy runs the .dotbleep imprint for the might 2020Vision. So they should have a "clue" when it comes to house music, shouldn't they?

They've also got a very obsessive fan who phones them 20 times a day and rummages through their bins, but they don't mind. In fact, they're very fond of her. They call her their 'dear stalker'.

I'll get my cape… anyway here's their website and MySpace.

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