Sunday, 11 October 2009

Lance Ellington - Lonely 2009

Reviewed this already in the October issue of iDJ, but now it's back with a second - and vastly superior – set of mixes, so here it is again.

Any UDD™ worth his or her salt will remember this handbag classic from back in 1993. The recent Love Assassins and Big In Ibiza mixes were okay in a cheesy/commercial kinda way, but here you get far better rubs from Stonebridge and Joey Musaphia, plus a mix that's called, somewhat confusingly, the Original NY Mix - I say 'confusingly' cos as far as I can make out, this came out first time around on RCA, Big Beat and Media, but there wasn't an NY Mix on any of 'em. Hmm.

Anyway, the Original NY Mix is more or less fromage-free (unless you're of the "eurgh, there's someone singing, that's cheesy, I only like Aphex Twin" school of thought) and, unsurprisingly, in an early ’90s NY garage kinda style (maybe it was made at the time but not released, or something?). Joey gives it a more up-to-date, slightly funkier but also deeper refix with some LUSH pads, while Stonebridge goes completely organ-tastic with a mix that wouldn't sound out of place on Ecko (who I notice are actually calling their particular brand of Show Me Luvved-up bassline, 'organ house' these days).

All told, then, this won't win any hip, cool or cred points. But for those whose handbag cravings never went away, then this is exactly what you need (got what you need, etc).

About the label: Big In Ibiza is of course the currently most active incarnation of the Media/Nukleuz/UMM stable. Usually Big In… rattles back and forth between dodgy electrohouse from the likes of Chris Mimo and Fonzerelli, and naff-but-forgivable* covers of club/rave anthems from days gone by. However I can't help noticing that, what with this and Rachel Barton's Giggle, they're doing some all right stuff lately. Leave your prejudices at the door, please. Oh yeah, and here's the obligatory MySpace link.

*except the Hurt You So one, for which someone should be taken outside and shot.

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