Saturday, 17 October 2009

Danny Howells - In Black

Two Dannys on the bounce (see below)… this time it's the boy from Hastings, with a cut that's kind of techy/proggy but quite groovy, too… with just a touch of the Jean-Michel Jarres about that nagging little synth riff. It's nine and a half minutes long, over the course of which time it builds from something really quite gentle, into a stuttering, tech-fuelled monster. I'd mix out before it gets too full-on, personally, but horses for courses n' that.

Johannes Heil then turns in a remix that's a little bit deeper but, er, the promo CD keeps chewin' up so I can't tell you much about that, other than the first three minutes are quite good.

About the label: This is out on November 2 on Dig Deeper, which is Danny's own label. I once spent an afternoon round Danny's house and can confirm that he's one of those people who Knows All The Middles, who can't help jumping up and going "oh yeah and listen to THIS…" He's a genuine music obsessive with very catholic tastes and as such, Dig Deeper (which takes its name from the marathon, cross-genre sets Danny does sometimes), while still quite new, promises to be quite electic in its output, so definitely worth watching. Meanwhile for more on Danny see here.

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