Sunday, 11 October 2009

Matthias Vogt - Hofats

After a couple of quite commercially bits (see below), let's go to the other extreme with this slab of the very deepest house/techno courtesy of Matthias Vogt, AKA one half of Motorcitysoul.

'House/techno' because, while this instrumental number would probably be filed under techno by most, it's certainly groovy enough to appeal equally to the deep house lovers. Two mixes, but the Francois Dubois re-rub doesn't really do much that different - it's just a little busier, with a slightly more shuffling, housier feel.

Not much else to say, really, except that it's out on Oct 19.

About the label: This comes on Komplex De Deep, a new-ish (this is KDD005) label run by France's Master-H. Here's their website.

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