Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Zappo - Form/Four

This is the latest from Sebastian Davidson's Nightbird stable, with the two originals plus a Bas Amro remix of Form and a Solan remix of Four.

Form in its original, er, form is a reasonably pleasing deep houser, all percussion and pads… it's perfectly serviceable, but I think I'm preferring the slightly pacier, more energetic Bas Amro rub. Over on the B, meanwhile, Four is another deep dancefloor cut, this time with a vintage Chi-town bassline and barely-there female vocal snippets, while in Solan's hands it's transformed into a considerably deeper number, more for home listening than all but the most specialist clubs (to be fair, you or I could dance to this quite happily, it's just, y'know, not one to drop at the works Xmas party).

The original version of Four wins out for me, but it's a solid EP all round.

Out: This week

About: As stated this is on Nightbird, which is run by DUTCH* chappy Sebastian Davidson. This is only the label's 11th release and they've been turning out some crackers so far, so definitely a label to keep an eye on. Do so here.

*The caps are cos I said French before, because I am a buffoon. Sebastian has since pointed out my error so, sorry about that Sebastian!

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