Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Cesium - On The Low

I'm putting this one on here because I was expecting it to be awful – it's described on the hype sheet as "an amalgamation of deep house and trance," which sounds like a really bad idea, I'm sure you'll agree. Actually if you hear it though, it's not at all bad.

I'd describe it more simply as coming from the deeper side of prog… yet it's still upbeat and energetic enough to move a dancefloor. Yes, the synth riffs are a little mathematical maybe, in the way that trance riffs are… but if I was, say, at a beachfront bar in Ibiza and this was on, I could probably be persuaded to have a shimmy to it. And that's, well, maybe not what it's ALL about entirely, but ONE of the things it's meant to be about, surely?

Out: Monday (August 30)

About: This is on Ooze Recordings, a Wolverhampton-based label whose output, as I've pointed out on here, before covers quite a lot of electronic dance music ground… and I think you've got to respect a label that doesn't just play it safe and put out 100s of tunes that all sound the same. If you want to know more about Ooze, click here for their website.

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