Sunday, 22 August 2010

Beaten Soul ft Tyree Cooper - That's House Music

There are certain things that will always work for me. One, I'm a sucker for all those tracks with a spoken vocal extolling the joys of house music. I know there's, like, 23 million of them but I fall for it every time. Two, for me it's pretty much impossible not to like any record to feature Tyree Cooper.

So guess what this one's like?

Apart from Mr Cooper urging you to jack your body and feel the bass and such, in its Main Mix form this features solid house beats that are neither deep nor big room but somewhere in-between, and a neat line in old skool-sounding stabs. The Deep Trouble and Deep City Soul mixes do pretty much what you'd expect, while Groove Assassin turns in a couple of spacier rubs – his Ride Mix is probably my favourite of the lot – and a couple of acapellas round out the package.

Out: Now (but only since Monday)

About: This is another one on Seamless… this seems to be turning into the Seamless Records fan club page this weekend, doesn't it?! I can't help it if they've got a lot going on though… anyway here's the Seamless website.

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