Monday, 16 August 2010

Andy Compton ft Rowan - Reach For You

The original here is a trad-style deep and soulful number with nice steady beats and some lush chords, albeit not the strongest of vocals IMHO. However, the real story here is regarding the remixes, which are all from South African producers and provide further evidence of SA's growing reach in house music.

The good news is, it's not all breathy, chanted vox and hand percussion, either! Instead, the five remixes span the spectrum from the lush, pad-y deepness of DJ Bullet, to the wonky mayhem of the Strictly Acid Jam mix, with only The Invaders SAMC 2010 Mix even really doing the township thing at all. Which is bad news for UK funky fans I guess, but good news for the deep house crew.

A package that's worth checking, then – and leave your assumptions about SA house at the door.

Out: Last week, but hey

About: This is on Andy's own Peng label, find 'em online here.

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