Thursday, 26 August 2010

Doc Daneeka - Hold On

Was talking the other day to a good mate of mine who's well into his dubstep, but especially dubstep that pushes the boundaries a bit, the more experimental dubstep-not-dubstep rather than just silly kiddy 'ooh look what a big farty bass noise I can make'-type dubstep… he cited Ramp as his favourite label of the moment. Well, what do I spot in my inbox the next day but the latest single on Ramp, which the very sparse hype sheet simply touts as "a sneaky one-sided 10-inch of lazy summer vibes".

And, yeah, it's dubstep-ISH, a bit, but it's not really. In fact, it's about as housey as a track can get while still having dubstep DNA clearly visible, I'd say; there's definitely a bit of a UK funky influence in there as well. And possibly a bit of jazz, to boot.

As such, it's a record that's hard to classify, but it's good, and I could see it working for a range of jocks… but I guess you'll just have to CHECK IT FOR YOURSELF, won't you?

Out: This week

About: The Ramp Recordings MySpace is at the 'check it' link above or click here, Doc Daneeka's own MySpace can be found here.

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