Saturday, 7 August 2010

TnT Inc vs Alex Dimitri - Jingo

Quite a brave move really, taking on the Santana/Candido/Jellybean (take your pick!) classic … but perhaps surprisingly, this actually works pretty well. Partly, I think, because all the mixes do their own thing for the first few minutes, snaring you with their own unique beats and rhythms before you realise what it is you're actually listening/dancing to. When you do, a smile is very likely to ensue....

There are six mixes to choose from: three from TnT Inc, two from Alex Dimitri and one from label boss Miguel Migs (but of course). TnT Inc's Classic Mix sticks most closely to the funkified Latin disco vibe of the original, while their Afro Concept Mix and Alternative Concept Dub go down a drummier, more tribalistic route. Alex Dimitri's South Soul Original again is fairly faithful to the original but with the addition of some lovely wigged-out Hammond sounds; his accompanying South Soul Dub Beats pass is self-explanatory, while Migs' Salted Remix rounds out the EP, its rumbling bassline bringing a little of that more traditional San Francisco bump.

It'll come as no surprise to learn that Migs's rub is my fave but yeah, as I said, a brave attempt that actually works, so definitely worth checking...

Out: August 17 (we're actually ahead of the game for once)

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