Monday, 16 August 2010

Livio & Roby – Tribute EP

Not 100% sure when this is out, but it says 'August' and it's the middle of the month so let's talk about it now, shall we?

The four-track EP kicks off with Sunday Offend, a chuggy, techy deep houser that then gets a little more organic (and ever-so-slightly jazzual) as it progresses. That's followed by Stapanu Intergalactic, which is a more percussive number and brings a little of that heavily-compressed throb that you used to associate with UK forms like nu-NRG to straight-up Chicago house: nice. Tribute itself is a slightly more quirky, experimental-sounding deep houser, while rounding things off is Garagahivirap, another more techy outing that doesn't do much, but rolls along nicely while it's doing it.

There's perhaps nothing here you'll be singing all week, but it's all solid set-building stuff and all very playable.

Out: Now-ish (see above)

About: Livio & Roby are a pair of Romanian producers who've been working together since 2004, it says here. And this is on Desolat, which is Loco Dice's label - here's the label's MySpace.

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